This Conference seeks to learn about experiences and methodologies in education, in times of pandemic, while analyzing and discussing the need to move towards a paradigm shift in education, in order to promote a Comprehensive Education for Sustainability.

¡Relive COEDU22!

This past Wednesday, November 24th, was the first regional conference COEDU22, where together with more than 30 experts, we exchanged opinions on the next challenges for the creation of a Comprehensive Educational Model, where socio-emotional, intercultural education, and sustainable development, among other topics were the protagonists. Become part of this change and don’t miss the next video!

Welcome COEDU22: Marcela Rentería and Claudia Uribe

This meeting began with two great guests, first we had Claudia Uribe, director of the Regional Office of Education for Latin America and the Caribbean of UNESCO and Representative for Chile, then Marcela Rentería, Executive Director of the Regional Office in Chile, of the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies (DRCLAS) of Harvard University. They showed us the context of the current post-pandemic educational situation, in addition to telling us about the possible challenges for the future of learning, giving way to the first COEDU22 Regional Conference for the XXII Century. Do not miss the full welcome in the following video:

Welcome COEDU22: Francisca Cortés Solari

Francisca Cortés Solari, executive president of Cortés Solari Philanthropy, welcomed us to this great meeting for Comprehensive Education, First Regional Conference COEDU22 for the 22nd Century. She contextualized the role of Caserta in relation to education and started a conversation about Comprehensive Education for sustainable development. Listen to the full welcome in the following video:

COEDU22 International Guest: Prem Rawat

One of the international guests and who opened the first COEDU22 Regional Conference for the 22nd Century, was Prem Rawat, peace ambassador, presented his message of peace and his PEP program, an education program for peace, which has reached hundreds of millions of people in more than 100 countries, as well as inviting us to reflect on ourselves and question where we find the solutions we seek. Watch his full speech in the video:

COEDU22 Master Exhibition: Cristián Cox

Cristián Cox, Sociologist with a degree from the Catholic University of Chile and a PhD from the University of London, is currently the director of the Center for Comparative Education Policies and a full professor at the UDPn, accompanied us at the first COEDU22 Regional Conference for the 22nd Century, for a Comprehensive Education, where he shared with us a reflection on what education is like in the present and what dynamics represent the current crisis as a problem and also as an opportunity to move towards a sustainable development. Do not miss this great talk in the following video:

Panel 1: Comprehensive Education for a sustainable development – Modera: Patricia Morales

A few days ago was the first COEDU22 Regional Conference for the XXII Century, and we were accompanied by great speakers, in the first panel we had the presence of: Javier Murillo, Director of the UNESCO Chair in Education for Social Justice of the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM); María Gabriela Siufi García, Bachelor of Psychology at the National University of Tucumán; Francisca Cortés Solari, Executive President of Cortés Solari Philanthropy and Carmen Montecinos, Psychologist and doctor in educational psychology, who discussed and gave us their point of view regarding on how to achieve a Comprehensive Education for sustainable development. Don’t miss it in the next video!

COEDU22 Master Exhibition: Dr. Amanda Céspedes

Another of our great guests at the first COEDU22 Regional Conference for the XXII Century, for a Comprehensive Education, was Amanda Céspedes, surgeon and child neuropsychiatrist, graduated from the University of Chile and postgraduated from the University of Torino, Italy. Currently she is the director of the Institute of Neurosciences applied to education and children’s mental health. In this meeting she told us her perspective on how to integrate socio-emotional education in the new educational model, a very interesting talk that you cannot miss in the following video:

Panel 2: Socio-emotional Education for the new educational model. Moderator: Joaquín Walker

In the first COEDU22 Regional Conference for the XXII Century, great speakers honored us with their presence, in the second panel we were accompanied by: Ragnar Behncke, Cultural-Biologist – Project “The Evolution of Learning” (Fundación La Fuente); Jason Angress, an environmental educator who works to bring the natural environment into the classroom and the classroom into the natural environment; Nicolás Fernández, Psychologist, coach and master’s degree in research methods in social sciences; Laura Lewin, english teacher with specialization at the University of California-Riverside, in the United States, England and Australia, who exchanged knowledge on how we should integrate emotional education and make it a fundamental pillar in the new educational model. Do not miss his words in the following video!

Master Exhibition: Gunther Dietz

One of the great guests for panel 3 who talked about the challenges of intercultural education was Gunther Dietz, anthropologist and senior researcher at the Institute for Research in Education of the Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico.
In this talk, he addressed the teaching of different languages ​​from the base for the integration of culture in schools, in addition to discrimination, and how we should build a comprehensive education based on diversity. Watch this full talk in the following video, don’t miss it!

Panel 3: The challenges of intercultural education. Moderator: Agustina Lo Bianco

For the third part of this great conversation for education, we were joined by: Carolina Albornoz, Executive Director of Caserta Foundation, Educator and Intercultural Mentor; Marcelo Urresti, Professor of Sociology of Culture at UBA, Regular Associate Professor of Contemporary Social Theory at UNSAM; and Nigel Crawhall, Head of Section of the UNESCO program on Local and Indigenous Knowledge Systems, who shared with us relevant information for the next challenges regarding intercultural education, and how we should make education more inclusive. See the full talk in the next video!

Master Exhibition: Richard Weissbourd

In another of theese great talks for education, we had the honor of having Richard Weissbourd, an expert in socio-emotional education and author of the book “Vulnerable Children”. The main topic was distance education in times of pandemic, where he commented on how social networks have influenced children’s mental health, and how we can help them to adapt to new challenges and scenarios by having online education that affects the way we relate with eachother. Watch this full exposition in the following video.

Panel 4: Distance Education (in times of pandemic). Moderator: Natalia Allende

The pandemic caused a new landscape on education due to a transformation and an adaptation from it, which brought with it several challenges at an educational and socio-emotional level, because adapting to the online modality was not easy and this is what Ana María Raad tells us in this fourth part of COEDU22. Anthropologist, founder of REimagina Foundation and director of AprendoEnCasa.ORG; Carolina Albornoz, Executive Director of Caserta Foundation, Intercultural Educator and Mentor; Dinorah Singer, Coordinator of the Educational Agenda at CAF – Development Bank of Latin America; and Sergio Herskovits, Lawyer and Educator, Director of the Doctor Chaim Weizmann Hebrew Institute, Chile. Watch the following video and don’t miss any comments!

Master Exhibition: Peter Higgins

For this last master exhibition we had the presence of Peter Higgins, professor of Outdoor, Environmental and Sustainability education at the University of Edinburgh. In this talk he spoke about “Nature as a learning space and its importance for environmental education”, in addition, he talked about the importance of environmental education for the future of the planet. Watch this interesting talk in full in the following video.

COEDU22 Panel 5: Environmental Education / Nature as a learning space

In the last panel of COEDU22 Thelma Krug, Vice President of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC); Grace Nicole Rázuri Reyes, Bachelor of Marine Biology at the Scientific University of the South; and Gloria Howes, Director of Environmental Education, MERI Foundation, addressed and invited us to reflect on the importance of integrating environmental education into the new curriculum to build a sustainable society. We invite you to watch this full conference in the following video.

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