Relive COP26

From the past October 31 to November 12, MERI Foundation participated in the COP26, exhibiting different initiatives and sharing knowledge for climate change mitigation. One of these initiatives was The Blue BOAT Initiative, which watches over the care of whales and cetaceans, who are essential for the marine ecosystem and the reduction of CO2. ¡Learn more about this and how we have taken action in the following videos!

What is COP?

The COP (Conference of the parties) is the annual summit held by the United Nations Convention on Climate Change, where the 196 countries and the European Union, establish global agendas and agreement with specific objectives for reduction of emissions to mitigate the consequences of climate change. If you want to know more about COP, check these videos:

¡Relive COP26 together with MERI Foundation!

COP26: Highlights

Nature ecosystem service + economy

Women and youth for

Development, education and worldview

Check this videos if you want to know more about MERI Foundation panels

Scientific Pavilion Opening

Seizing on the health benefits of climate action

Climate Change, Human and Ocean Health

Conservation as a tool to mitigate Climate Change

Finance and Climate Change: How to move towards economically and environmentally investments?

Development Strategy and tecnhnology Transfer for Climate Change

Green and resilient recovery

Roles of indigenous knowledge from the HHRR perspective

Education and Climate Change: the challenges of an Integral Education for sustainability

Can we rely on natural oceans processes for climate mitigation?

Ecosystem services for climate change mitigation

Short lived climated pollutants (SLCP) and climate change

Woman leadership and climate change

Paper, books and more