Lack of water, food insecurity, the agricultural chain and silviculture were central issues in today’s session at the Climate Summit (COP25). Although the world is fast, resources are limited and it is our duty and obligation to protect them if we do not want to destroy them. We are not doing things right and we are already seeing the consequences: extreme weather events, behavioral changes in species or rural depopulation, are some examples. It seems that society is beginning to become aware, increasingly criticizing polluting industrial production and showing itself in favor of a more balanced, sustainable and ecological consumption, with less food waste.

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The first day of COP25, which was held in Madrid between December 2nd and 13th, was marked by great institutional attendance and by events and workshops focused on the dialogue between Science and Public Policies, in order to address the environmental problems from a multisectoral perspective.

The Environment Chilean Minister, Carolina Schmidt, who chairs the event representing the country, said: “the effects of climate change are evident. Heat waves, floods, forest fires, melting ice, droughts are realities that affect the lives of all the inhabitants of this planet. That is why we need countries to make concrete and more ambitious commitments at this COP that will allow us to reduce emissions globally. ‘Time to Act’ is not a slogan, but a real need, an ethical demand”.

As major topics of analysis and conversation we can find the NDC (National Determined Contributions) in the Paris Agreement, the role of companies to achieve a low-carbon economy, the commitment to renewable energies and neutrality in gas emissions of the greenhouse effect, the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the role of science and new technologies in reducing our impact on the environment, as well as the help that their research can offer to policymakers.

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