The Manku Project, the Birds of Prey Rehabilitation Center of AvesChile – UNORCH, together with the Elemental Reserve and the MERI Foundation, are promoters of this initiative, which seeks to collaborate in the conservation of the Andean condor, one of the Likandes conservation objects and which today it is a “near threatened” species, in Chile and the rest of the South American Andean mountain range, according to the Red List of Threatened Species of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Why a pre-release center and not directly release the condors in the mountains? It is important that the condors go through a period of adaptation in an environment as close to their natural habitat, the mountain range, where the air is thinner and the weather conditions more extreme than in the valley. The passage through the pre-release center allows them to test their flight, and that the condors that inhabit the area can already approach and recognize each other for their subsequent coexistence. In this way, a constant evaluation is carried out so that the release is successful.

Not all condors can be released. The optimum is that they be juveniles and in good physical condition, and that they have as little contact as possible with humans. 51% of the condors that have passed through the Rehabilitation Center for Birds of Prey, since its creation in 1991, have been released.

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